Web Programming for Apps and Services

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BTI425 - Web Programming for Apps and Services

The course delivery and its dates and times have been affected by the worldwide novel coronavirus crisis. The content on this website may change, so please refresh your viewer when consuming or reviewing content.

This is the home page for the BTI425 course.

This is the third course in the web programming course sequence. Students learn to design and create moderately complex web applications and services that can be deployed at scale. The JavaScript language is used, with widely-used and powerful tools and frameworks. The major topic themes of this course include a study of the patterns for app and service development, using frameworks that enable rich and functional browser apps, working with robust and scalable data storage platforms, and deployment methodologies.

Coming into this course, we assume that you have knowledge of and experience in:

In this BTI425 course, we build upon that knowledge.

First, you will learn more about creating web services (also known as web APIs).

Next, you’re introduced to the principles of modern client-side browser-based app programming. In this part of the course, you will learn the foundations of the React app development platform.

Finally, you will learn the foundations and more about Angular, while building rich and functional client-side browser-based apps.

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