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Graded work

This page has details about the graded work in BTI425, for the current Winter 2019 academic term.


We have planned three (3) tests during the term.

The duration of each test will be approximately 90 minutes. All tests will be hand-written, with no references or resources allowed. The total value of all tests will be 50% of the final course grade.

Recognizing that it’s possible to have an “off day”, the final grade calculation will examine the results of all tests, and discount the value or weighting of the lowest-graded test to 50%.

Is there a “missed test policy”? Yes; here it is:

The policy is very limited. It is designed to recognize a single legitimate illness or medical issue that severely and negatively affects academic performance during the date-and-time of the test.

If an illness or medical issue causes a student to miss a test, and wants the professor to consider a remedy, then the student must follow this procedure:

  1. Notify the professor by email, before the test date-and-time, of the absence.
  2. Within 48 hours of the test date-and-time, obtain a diagnosis from a medical doctor (or equivalent), and obtain documentation that clearly states that academic performance was affected during the test date-and-time.
  3. Send a digital version of the documentation (e.g. a photo or a scan) to the professor, and deliver the original (paper) documentation at the earliest convenient opportunity.
  4. Do NOT communicate, in any way, with another registered BTI425 student about the contents of the test.

The professor will then consider your request for a remedy. If granted, the specifics of the remedy will be arranged, and will be customized to the situation. (For example, the remedy may be that the student writes the test within 72 hours of its original date-and-time. However, it is possible that there will be a different remedy.)


We have planned three (3) assignments during the term. The total value of all assignments will be 50% of the final course grade.

Is there a “late policy”? Yes; here it is:

Every student has a total of four (4) permitted late days, which can be used for one or more assignments. The late days will be tracked in Blackboard.

For example, if an assignment is submitted 20 hours late, then one of the four late days is used, leaving three remaining late days.

If all late days have been used, then any other late-submitted assignment will earn a grade of zero (0). Therefore, if you face a choice between submitting a partially-complete assignment or earning zero on the assignment, it is better to submit a partially-complete assignment.

The late-submission protocol is as follows, assuming a valid number of late days are available:

  1. Upload the work using Blackboard, and the link for the NEXT assignment. (The link accepts three uploads, so there will still be two uploads available for you to use when submitting the next assignment.)
  2. Send your professor an email, and tell him that it is late, and has been uploaded.

If your assignment is not complete (for example, it’s missing some features), you can still submit a partially-completed assignment by the due date, and earn part marks.

Promotion Policy


Tests - 3 in total - 50%
Assignments - 3 in total - 50%

This course does NOT have a final exam.

If you do not agree with this graded work plan, then please drop the course.

Frequently-asked questions

The following are frequently-asked questions about course policies and grading.

Make-up (replacement) tests? No.

We don’t do make-up or replacement tests, for a number of reasons, including the following:

Therefore, no make-up or replacement tests.

Due date extensions? No.

As noted above, during the term, each student has a total of four (4) permitted late days, which can be used for one or more assignments.

However, as a general rule, we don’t do due date extensions for assignments, for a number of reasons, including the following:

Therefore, no due date extensions.