Web Programming for Apps and Services

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The table below has links to the daily class notes for the Winter 2019 term.

New notes are at the top.

Week number
and date
Topic theme and coverage Graded work, mark value
Week 8
• Mon Feb 4
• Tue or Thu
More Angular
Test 2, 15%
on Mon Mar 4
Study Week
Mon Feb 25
to Fri Mar 1
No classes  
Week 7
• Mon Feb 18
• Tue or Thu
Monday is the Family Day holiday, no classes
Components continued
App building topics
Week 6
• Mon Feb 11
• Tue or Thu
Angular introduction
Dev env setup
Week 5
• Mon Feb 4
• Tue or Thu
More React
App building topics
Assign 1, 15%
Due on Sun Feb 10
Week 4
• Mon Jan 28
• Tue or Thu
React routing
App building topics
Test 1, 15%
on Mon Jan 28
Week 3
• Mon Jan 21
• Tue or Thu
React introduction
Components as an architectural design feature
Week 2
• Mon Jan 14
• Tue or Thu
Some more web service work
Introduction to front-end development
JavaScript libraries jQuery, Moment
Week 1
• Mon Jan 7
• Tue or Thu
Dev environment setup
Re-introduction to back-end web services
Welcome Welcome to the BTI425 course