Web Programming for Apps and Services

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About these notes

The notes are organized into weekly blocks.

During the course, there will be a number of topic themes, or major areas of study. Each theme will take a week or more to cover.

In any theme, there will be a number of topics. The amount of time we need to cover a topic will vary - some will take minutes, while others will take hours.

Here’s how the topic notes are presented:

Notes page for a specific week

Each week has its own page (e.g. week01, week02, etc.).

This page will introduce or state the theme, and have content that will discuss and link to separate topic pages.

The idea is that a specific topic page can be used as a module, which can be moved around or replaced in future versions of the course. The editing task will hopefully be easier too.

Topic page

Each topic has its own page (e.g. intro-web-services, etc.).

Many topic pages will guide the reader to read (or go through) an external article, post, tutorial, or document. In this course, we will prefer to re-use excellent content that already exists, instead of content authored by the course professors.

However, when necessary, the course professors will create new and original content.