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BTI425 Week 5 Notes

The theme for this week is to continue to develop our component-oriented web app development skills using React. This week, we focus on using HTML Forms, and integrating all topics covered in a React app.

Topic sequence

There are “patterns” that should be followed when creating an interactive web app. While you probably have had some coverage in the past, the following document collects the patterns into one summary document, which can be used as best-practice guidance.
HTML Form patterns

While the advice in the previous document is general-purpose, and can be used on any kind of web app, there are some React-specific concepts and techniques that must be learned and implemented.
Forms in React apps

When you’re ready, you can deploy a React app to Heroku, so that it is on the public web. Then you can get the app on any device (computer, smartphone), and show others your work.
Deploy React app to Heroku

During development, you can use debugging and inspection tools.
React debugging introduction