Web Programming for Apps and Services

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BTI425 Week 7 Notes

Remember, the theme for the remainder of the course is to cover the Angular platform.

Last week, we learned the essential topics to get started with Angular. A hands-on exercise enabled you to become familiar with components, and to transition another topic, routing.

This week’s plan

As you know, Monday is our classroom “lecture” day. The Family Day holiday is Monday, February 18, which means that we miss that in-class session.

As a result, you will have a bit more self-study and self-directed work to do this week than is usual.

If you have not yet done so, make sure you successfully complete last week’s non-graded “hands on” exercise.

In this week’s computer-lab in-class session, your professor will present highlights of another topic set, and then help you get started on this week’s non-graded “hands on” exercise, which enables you to get some more practice.


Angular component interaction
Describes how to do containment, and pass values from “parent” to “child”.

Introduction to Angular services
Describes how to create a service to use throughout your app.

Angular date pipe
Describes how to use a built-in Angular feature to format dates on a view.