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BTI425 Week 8 Notes

On Monday, we have Test 2. Then, in the other day’s computer-lab session, we will cover a few more routing topics, and can begin work on Assignment 2.

Test info

Test 2 is on Monday, March 4, 2019.

Please review the information about tests from awhile ago.

You can expect test questions about topics covered since the last test, all the way to a small amount of questions about this week’s forward-looking topics. Obviously, you must review the topics yourself, but in general, you can expect questions about:


Highlights from the routing topic will be presented in the computer-lab class/session.

Routing and URL parameters
This brief section explains how to implement routing with URL parameters.

The official documentation for these topics:

Adding Routing to an existing app
(This task is infrequently done.)

Begin work on Assignment 2

Assignment 2 has been posted.

Before beginning work on the assignment, your professor will discuss one of the data structures that will be used in the app. The highlights:

This organization scheme is discussed in the MongoDB documentation article:
Model One-to-Many Relationships with Embedded Documents

Note - that area of the documentation has other useful articles, some of which we will use during our work on Assignment 2.

Your professors will provide you with starter data that can be used in Assignment 2. Some of that data is ready now, and is located in the week 8 folder of the code repo. Get the assign-2-data-student-v1.json data file and study it, comparing it to the description above.

The remaining time in the class/session can be used by you to get started on Assignment 2.