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BTI425 Week 9 Notes

This week, we plan to cover some more “services” topics, and introduce “forms” topics. We also plan to discuss debugging for Angular apps.


Highlights from this week’s topics:

A couple of weeks ago, we had a brief and gentle introduction to an Angular service.

Today, we add more coverage of this important topic:

More Angular service coverage - Adds on to the introductory content.

Angular Service Example - A supporting code example, posted in the repo.

Angular Debugging Introduction - A brief introduction to debugging in Angular.

Data assocations or relations introduction - Helps you get started with this topic.

Angular template-driven forms introduction - How to get started with forms in Angular.

Assignment 2 continued

As you know, Assignment 2 has been posted.

Continue working on it.

What can you do right now…?

What can you do right now while you’re waiting for the specs to be finalized?

Get practice with Angular forms. Re-do the posted code example.

Get the “…available-courses…” JSON file from the repo, and start working with it in JavaScript. Use the Array methods to query and filter the contents. For example, select (then dump or display) all BSD level-4 objects.

Deploy the “…student…” JSON data to your MongoDB Atlas account, as a new collection. Add functionality to your Heroku-deployed web service (from Assignment 1) to query or work with this new collection.

What will be added as specs…?

You can add these features, and be confident that they will be added to the specifications.

Admin feature, to reset some values in the database, and to remove all (old) shopping carts.

Structural organization; support standard browser and smartphone (responsive), content area is a Bootstrap row with two areas (2/3 and 1/3 on a standard browser medium viewport, full width on a smartphone small viewport).

Home or landing component. Not found component.

List-of-students component.

Student info/detail component, with course history, next term’s course selections, and link(s) to shopping cart(s).

Maybe… next term display/view timetable as a block/grid/diagram.

Shopping cart – view available sections (filtered), etc.