Web Programming for Apps and Services

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Weekly schedule

On this page, you will find the BTI425 Weekly Schedule for the Winter 2019 academic term.

Please note that the schedule may change, and that it is your responsibility to know the current schedule.

Week number
and Monday
start date
Topic theme and coverage Graded work Mark value
Week 1
Jan 7
Dev environment setup
Re-introduction to back-end web services
Week 2
Jan 14
Some more web service work
Introduction to front-end development
JavaScript libraries jQuery, Moment
Week 3
Jan 21
React introduction
Components as an architectural design feature
Week 4
Jan 28
React routing Test 1 15%
Week 5
Feb 4
React services Assign 1 15%
Week 6
Feb 11
Angular introduction
Dev env setup, sample app preview
Modern front-end dev design patterns
Week 7
Feb 18
Monday is the Family Day holiday, no classes
Work on Assign 2 during the computer-lab session
Study week
Feb 25
(no in-class sessions)    
Week 8
Mar 4
Components Test 2 15%
Week 9
Mar 11
Week 10
Mar 18
Week 11
Mar 25
Forms Assign 2 25%
Week 12
Apr 1
Security Test 3 20%
Week 13
Apr 8
Topics for building applications Assign 3 10%
Exam week (end of term, no in-class sessions)